Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What can you expect from the course?

    • Summary: Why and how to give presentations in the virtual space?

  • 2

    The power of personal presence

    • What makes it difficult?

    • Summary: Why is it worth it?

  • 3

    First steps before the presentation

    • Preparation matters

    • Getting started: The technicalities and the audience

    • Set up your own space!

  • 4


    • Fundamental elements of memorable content

    • Structure of the presentation: From the introduction to the explanatory part

    • Test your knowledge

    • Workbook: Audience analysis

    • Workbook: The introduction

    • Assignment: Record your introduction and send it in!

    • Workbook: The explanatory part

    • Assignment: Record the explanatory part of your presentation and send it in.

  • 5

    The role of the slides

    • Visuals: Less is more

    • Visual tools

    • Workbook: Storyboard

    • Test your knowledge

    • Dowload our PPT templates!

  • 6

    Choose the right attitude!

    • How to show your best self?

    • Presentational style: Attitude

    • Assignment: Tell a story and send it in!

  • 7

    Listen to what your body language is saying!

    • The power of your physical presence

    • Eye contact, pause, gestures

    • Test your knowledge

    • Assignment: Record the conclusion of your presentation and send it in!

  • 8

    You have completed the course!

    • Summary

    • Live counselling



András BATIZ

András finished the Hungarian Academy of Drama and Film in 1997 as a TV director and moderator. While still a student he started working for the state MTV channel as a reporter, editor and moderator. With the advent of privatization in Hungarian television, he became one of the leading faces of RTL, the biggest commercial TV channel in Hungary where he hosted the daily tabloid prime-time program, Fókusz for 7 years. In 2004 he became the spokesperson for the Hungarian Government including its successful re-election campaign of 2006. Eventually rising to head of the communications department for the Prime Minister’s office. Since 2007 he has delivered thousands of trainings for corporate and public sector clients. He regularly delivers keynote speeches at conferences, his favorite topics are related to effective communication techniques, crisis management, trust-building.